Fresno State Pride @ SculptNite 

                         $40 per person

Monday - October 28th 2019 12pm-2pm


          Fresno State Pride @ SculptNite

$40 per person

Monday - October 28th 2019 6pm-8pm

This is a pre-registration event in order to purchase your items to decorate. Please enter your info below after booking your seat. We will contact you to confirm your booking prior to class date. 

Chris Sorensen's Art Gallery

2223 S. Van Ness Ave Fresno CA 93721

Monday, October 28th, 2019

   Two classes - 12pm-2pm & 6pm-8pm 

Come and enjoy a creative night of sculpting fun at SculptNite hosting its newest sports themed class on Saturday, April 13th, at Fresno's own Sorensen's Art  Gallery. This is a pre-registration event, we must purchase and cast the items you will be decorating and painting in class. 

Bring your RedWave pride , and let the painting and sculpting fun begin. Here at SculptNite all materials are supplied, and no experience is necessary. You will have large or small sculptures to choose from, and plenty of items to customize with the sculptures of your choice. Make up to four items, and take home completed sculptures painted, or unpainted to share with pride.


In this class you will learn how to customize, carve new details, modify shapes and/or add new ones. Learn unique painting techniques and final finishing tips and tricks to enhance your sculptures artistry. Our goal at SculptNite is to make sure everyone can easily cast multiple sculptures with precision from any custom style mold we use in class.

There are an endless amount of color combinations that can be made with the items to be added with your sculptures. You must pre-register for this event so we can purchase the items you will be decorating in class, ie: glassware, hats, etc. Or you can choose from our wide selection of products to decorate. 



Each class is uniquely different and teaches you how to use a mold and cast with ease, making up to four (4) unique items, customize anything you'd like from: drinkware, jewelry, clothing accessories, custom food items, and so much more. Here are some samples of what can be made at a SculptNite class.

Check out our gallery of just a few of the items that can be created during a SculptNite class.

   Custom Projects

WHAT is SculptNite all about?

SculptNite is a one-of-a-kind custom themed sculpting and painting class. This class combines the ease of using a custom made push mold to make perfectly cast sculptures in minutes, then adding your sculptures onto everyday functional items to create a unique gifts or personal treasures to forever enjoy.

Custom options for items to choose from are endless. Every class is unique, and can be modified to cater to your skill level.  We will always have a great selection of customizable items to choose from, so you will definitely enjoy your options when it's time personalize your own customizable masterpiece.


For most classes we can accommodate customizable option to headwear, glassware, jewelry/accessories, interior/exterior artworks, etc. Please feel free to message us to possibly personalize your items for your class experience.

Supporting local Veteran Organizations

SculptNite classes are not only Veteran Owned, but also support Veterans causes too with our proceeds raised. 

We proudly host all Veteran events/classes at local Veteran Halls throughout Southern California where all Veterans can attend SculptNite for a minimal charge regularly. We proudly support our Veteran community and want them to know they are appreciated. We thank all those who served proudly and honorably for their service and dedication. Feel free to contact us to book a private class in your area and enjoy some custom military themed sculptures/promotional goods to make your personal Organization out shine the rest.

  Sculpt  NitE

 Personalized Classes   

Do you have a special design idea in mind, or have a custom logo you'd like to make into a SculptNite class? Message us to create your own custom sculpture(s) and have a blast making numerous customized items with your group of friends or family and create the night away making tons of unique creations.

Questions or Comments? Feel free to contact us by phone anytime at: (559)273-0865 

or message us below:

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